Produce Sinapsi

Italian Crafted Fabrics

An artisanal workshop

The decades old company history shows the evolution of a unipersonal reality that established itself in a "craft oriented company" or becoming a "artisanal laboratory" as its meister likes to call it.
Sustainability, quality, accountability and transparency are our keywords garantueed by a Made in Italy certified supply chain and our commitment in costumizing our services depending on our costumer needs.

Iconic fabrics

Sensitivity, creativity e determination, combined to exclusive yarns and "alternative fibers" as hemp, produce unique and iconic fabrics.
The peculiar care dedicatet in designing, spinning and finishing convey our products a one-of-a-kind look.

A new contemporaneity

Our ongoing will to confront with different realities and to partecipate to art and culture are a fundamental part of the company life, in which the eclectism searches and creates new holistics blends.
Care, passion of machineries and yarns, combined to experience and varied professionalities, are projecting our business to a new asset that enhances its own product to a new contemporaneity, keeping faith to the traditional italian crafting.

Color Your Life

We believe in youngsters, in their creativity and interests released from the wrong marketing's logicals. Them, as the main promoters of a new and coherent system of developping.
We started a new collaboration with Como Artistic High School and the students involved in the COLOR YOUR LIFE project are helping us making it visible through pictures of sensibilization and outcry. This project is carrying an artistic and figurative protest directly on fabric without the use of color.

A New Awareness

Our new stimuli, generetad from this process, will be soon introduced to the market:
Our fabrics will be more lasting, sustainable, solid and simple più durevoli. In some cases we will completely remove the use of chemicals.
Keeping processes less energy-consuming, reducing the environmental impact, considering wastes as "essential resources" to enhance and a company approach that involves certified and ecological raw materials, represent our mantra.
We are studying new cicles and industrialization to reconsider our whole supply and have the possibilities to certify the results obtained.

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