Our commitment to guarantee quality and excellence

Produce Sinapsi stives to assure fine products trough a short and controlled supply chain.
Being transparent to our costumers is foundamental to guarantee an efficient and personalized service, that's why the quality of our fabrics is measured by certifications.
Passing these strict standards supports the traceability and accountability of our performances.

Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS indicates an organic fibers' processing standard based on an indipendent certification.

In Italy it is accredited by ICEA which verify the fullfilling of all the criteria, including sustainability and social ones that must be respected in all the phases in order to guarantee the organic status of the products, from raw material's harvesting to environment and responsible production.

We want to give accountabilty to the products giving our costumers the possibility to notice it.



Supima® is certificated cotton with 1.5 inches medium lenght fibers.

Extra long fibers assure strenght and softness, just as better comfort, color and pilling robustness.

Tessile & Salute

Tessile e Salute takes care of eco-sustainability in Fashion and Textile sectors, combining the Public System competences to the textile. It certifies the compliance of chemicals and that the whole supply chain respect European standards helping the Industry to protect Made in Italy

W.I.S.I.C.A. West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association

This rare and incredible product is the King of cottons.

It get certification Only if grown in Barbados or Jamaica. The Harvest is hand-picked to preserv the quality and avoid process' pollution. This cotton has really long fibers that guarantee durability, softness and more shine. It is an iconic product appreciated from the most demandig costumers.

The territory that goes from Florida to Venezuela, West India as Colombo used to call, has the suitable environment to grow the World best Cotton.

Thanks to the natural twist of its fibers, this yarn acquires the consistency and ability to absorb humidity. Moreover, the crafted processing prevents pollution.

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