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Our strengths

It is not only raw materials, transparency, and new technologies that make Produce Sinapsi a reliable company in the production and processing of quality fabrics. Artisans and experts in the field who collaborate with our reality are our real strength: Loyalty to the philosophy adopted and passion make our fabrics more than just quality products.

This is easily discernible in the face of individual requests, in which, in addition to long-lived professionalism, we demonstrate peculiar attention and marked creativity.

Craftsmanship, sustainability, attention to detail and passion.

I have always tried to do quality, to create A product that will last, not cheap, but certainly not suitable for the fast fashion system. Produce Sinapsi has always chosen quality, now more than ever it also chooses respect.

Bruno MocchiCEO Produce Sinapsi

Our reality

We are an Italian company focused on quality, transparency and true to our ethics.
We produce high-quality fabrics from excellent raw materials, verified in-house and processed through
Industry-leading machinery and technology, while maintaining our artisan nature.
Our team analyzes each request to fully satisfy every aspect, from the choice of raw material to the final product, in line with our ethics and true to the request.

A timeless ethical philosophy

Despite the fact that today’s market demands productivity and price that affect quality, our company has remained, over time, true to its ethics and founding choices.

For forty years we have been guaranteeing quality, a distinctive character from the very beginning, which is reflected not only on the craftsmanship combined with appropriate technologies, but also in the environmentally friendly raw materials, in the supply chain, recycling and energy use, more than 70 percent of which is self-generated.

Continued innovation

We are open to change: the artisan spirit is our guarantee, while being aware of developments and novelties in the textile industry, from which we draw the best: continuous updating allows us constant growth, combining heterogeneous realities in our work while maintaining an indispensable authenticity.
Nature provides us with the raw materials, we ensure to preserve their authentic quality and purity, adapting them to a wide variety of needs.

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