Our unlimited portfolio has been built after yars of selecting, designing and exploring jersey's communicative potentials.
Keeping updated allow us the evolution of technologies and processes. These technologies and our esablished know-how offer a suited service.
By investing in the company we aim to reduce the environmental impact, foster the ongoing research of new productional metodologies and retrieve artisanal values.


Family of pure silks yarn plain and melange, with unique aspects, weaves and wearability.


The selection of Supima®'s best qualities is the basis of the Time family, available in over 120 hank dyed colors.


Specially developed for us, ennobled in hank or melange dyed, an iconic cotton: Sea Island WISICA certified, exclusively grown on the Barbados Islands.


Simply good raw materials: cottons and hemp developed in products designed to communicate, ready to remain as they are: beautiful and imperfect !


Our finest Supima® yarn, the Twice family available in 40 colors and melange dyed colors.

Blended Fibers

Precious and exclusive jersey articles made of research and experimentation.

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