Please Humanity: “Color your life”

Why is no one surprised more than anything?
Why do we continue with building walls around us?
Because we are not Humanity!
Continents and Nations, borders, languages, races, religions, castes and colors.
All walls and barriers, archaic legacies nowadays obsolete.

Pins, passwords, airport codes, releases, certifications, guarantees, registrations, stamps, taxes, bills.
All legal, mandatory, expected, due, demanded and fined.
All walls and barriers.
Brand new systems that never will make sense.
Because we are not Humanity!
Without the desire for cohesion and trust, we are disoriented, divided and afraid and the desire to change is overcome by fear

Our story unfolds on this page where we try to foster collaborations without prejudice and free from chains.
Where did we start from?
From an artistic high school in Como, with an interpretation of everyday life in three-color and reproducible on Raw fabrics.
By exploiting the possibilities of some sides and weaves it is possible to obtain graphics without colors, but alive.
We will be able to tell you many other stories and every opportunity for discussion and exploration is a source of great inspiration and motivation.

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