Capsule funding

You are the engine!

We respect your investment.

Yes, it'll be your asset.

Financing small batches of product will allow us to contain costs and waste!

Of course, without your support much of the project would find little sense.

Our commitment is focused on providing you with the best tools to be able to manage purchases in the way to you more NATURAL.

Capsule fundraising

Small batch production is based on the fundraising concept. Our goal is to be able to interact with you as much as possible, if you are happy, keeping you up to date with the progress of production and the evolutions in progress. Very probably driven by your advice. Once 100 orders for a specific article have been completed, the minimum quantity necessary to start the production cycle and start all subsequent phases is reached.

The whole cycle will see you the prince/princess.

Step 1: we propose the purchase of the items to order. In phase 2 we will introduce interesting news.  We will need a few weeks to fine-tune the process. You will have many alternatives that will allow you to order your garment even more consciously.

Doesn't call it: discount.

On the day of the order you purchase with a 5% discount.

Come on guys! 5% discount !?

Yes, we will explain why on the page dedicated to project ethics.

We market products with industrial margins.

Therefore? Our (GROSS) margin does not allow us more!


Our challenge is this. We will make you a proposal shortly!

Return it, please!


We don't want the garment to be forgotten at the bottom of a closet or worse, not to follow your adventures.

When you think you've had enough, you send it back to us!

It will be a source of pride to be able to enhance and resell it in ours SECOND HAND STORE! Coming soon!

Looking for real circularity

By controlling the process from the cradle to the grave, we face the great challenge of making the coin circular too. Yes, we don't want to hide behind false rhetoric. Our company, alas, needs this sometimes unsustainable fuel in order to continue to develop, research and offer. Recognizing the delicacy and fragility of this, we try to offer tailor-made solutions in all fields, not to discourage but to include.

Our eCommerce is always on developong so expect a lot of big news in the next weeks...

Stay tuned...

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