I am on my way to a future

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart" Confucius.

Once upon a time...

It was just like that, in this cycle of emotions, smiles, disappointments and changed lives that our story begins. Our exploratory journey, curious, sometimes hard, but full of beauty and sensational encounters.

... once upon a time ...

Research time

The team had been completed.

After a few months where ideals and perspectives are shared in various contexts, the balances appear evident.

As in a domino loaded with inertia, the following professional rearrangements, often not simple, are carried out. Synergy and order, always in progress, are amplified in cataloguing and subsequently making ideas concrete. Really an interesting job of putting ideas into practice.

Many cards are put back into play.

Starting from a very high-profile prototype we have gradually simplified our products. Less is more, one would say in a now inflated jargon. In fact, we have oriented ourselves towards the minimum product made by the best excellences. We have naturally defined ourselves as the Minimum viable products, as our LEANer friends would say. Now it's up to us, all together, to validate and enrich them in an essential way.


It took many months to find the right balance between our MU-TIME jersey and finishing, reduced to a sustainable minimum.

The Methode initially takes shape with Mutabilis, a natural, fragrant and true collection.

Without added dyes and additives.

An essential raw garment, which over time will tend to become more and more white and pure

Changing, growing with you.

Color your life

A great task will be given to you: colour your life. An attempt to leave the surface pure by colouring the soul, the personality of the individual. This method of dyeing has no negative impact, no waste and only ensures a substantial awareness of us and our power. We wondered if this was the only way to be more ethical and sustainable.  The jump in abandoning the use of colors is wide, mental. Can we take other steps towards sustainable customization?

Lockdown mood

A good opportunity for a challenge to straighten the course towards the future. We had time to settle down and become curious about new opportunities. How can we leave your boss neutral, natural but representative? Experimentation has landed on various technologies and, so far, the one that has most represented us is identified in natural dyes. Not yet totally similar to a circular economic model, but ahead in terms of ethical and environmental costs compared to standards. Hence the opportunity to use the most mimetic and mutable color of nature: chlorophyll green; obtained from medical herbs, spinach and nettles, extracted and then dehydrated and powdered. 

The recipe

The combination of strong natural components and outstanding quality in both weaving and packaging inspire from our point of view an iconic garment representative of status.

The status representative of a different mindset: formed and determined.

Hypotheses, trials, patterns, paper patterns, meetings, revisions and choices, sometimes hard, have led today to have the first garments ready.

M.V.P., minimum viable product

No, not talking about NBA legends, but about our first product.

We will draw together observations and suggestions to shape the future of our adventure.

You will be the one to tell us what worked or what you think is best to improve, we will strive to make it happen and guarantee you a tailor-made fashion, truly traceable for us and for you. Our dream that we want to share will be to produce only on request.

Sustainability also passes through empty warehouses and orders delivered ad hoc for each of our legendary friend.

The useful requests (100 orders) necessary to start the production lot and have the necessary liquidity to guarantee fair compensation to all actors will be collected.

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