Sartorial masks, sanitized, in Supima cotton and Hemp. Treated with antiviral treatment

An accessory that accompanies our daily life is conceptualized in two ideas with the aim not to mask but only to protect your soul and health.
We introduce the raw materials in their pure essence: raw or upcycle, Cotton and Hemp.
A continuously evolving concept for authentic and sustainable circularity.
You will be able to appreciate for yourself the intrinsic quality of the material and let yourself be intrigued by the story it will show you.
Each mask will be made for you.
You will also be able to customize them thanks to the graphics elaborated in tri-color by our young graphic designers from Liceo Terragni, in the Color your Life project as well as others of our production.
All printed with water-based inks

Up not a Mask by Produce Sinapsi

UP line is our first step towards a new dimension.
Starting from the desire to enhance, not over-consume and use what is already available, the fantastic fabrics of the UP line were born and with them a wide expressive range.
The basic stitch presents the fundamentals of time 28-20 fabric, but the raw material is unique and even more precious. The handcraft matrix is taken to extremes.
Turning point. Our warehouse and cones leftovers with the same chromatic nuances give life to fabrics with a strong character.
The value we attribute to it has a strong ethical matrix and the added value will be a social plus. A real opportunity for dialogue and an attitude inclined to everyday life.
Producing by enhancing, managing and investing where demand meets ethics and the desire to spread a more environmentally and intellectually sustainable point of view.

The Never With <span class = "text-decoration-line-through"> out </span> Again mask by Produce Sinapsi
Up NaM Up_Ocean - Pure Raw
Up NaM Up_Sea - Cruise
Up NaM Up_Sun - Pure Raw
Up_R1000 - Pure Raw
Up_Raw - Cruise
Up_Passion - Pure Raw
Up_Night - Pure Raw
Up_Green&Sky - Cruise

not amask

The outer layer in 100% Certified Supima Cotton has been sanitized thanks to a special treatment in order to increase antibacterial and antiviral performance.
The inner layer in 100% Hemp shows naturally enviable characteristics of durability and protection.
Not a mask represents our ideal. A delicate, respectful and transparent protection, naturally sustainable and with excellent protective performance

The Never With <span class = "text-decoration-line-through"> out </span> Again mask by Produce Sinapsi
NaM Charcoal out
Pure raw - Charcoal out
Pure raw - Derby grey stripe
Pure raw - Cruise
Pure Raw
Cruise - Charcoal out
Cruise - Derby grey stripes
Derby Grey stripes

never without again Mark Never Without Again

Never with (out) again represents our wish to quickly deprive ourselves of this new accessory, at the same time we believe that its systematic and appropriate use is still essential today to contain the spread of viruses as much as possible.
100% outer fabric cotton and 100% internal hemp guarantee performance and lightness to a Made in Italy product coming from a declared, transparent and certified supply chain

The Never With <span class = "text-decoration-line-through"> out </span> Again mask by Produce Sinapsi
NWA Charcoal out
Derby grey stripes
Pure raw

Custom Mask

In our ideal of presenting fibers and materials in their purity, we have choose to experiment with prints.
Research has led to a device that allows us to use solute pigments in water.
For the graphics we involved young people.
The Color your life project was born from the desire to hear children's voices become graphic expressions.
We also added some excitement related to Mutabiis, our new spin off.
Energetic, Raw and respect-oriented.


Customize your Mask

Our prints do not use additional chemistry. We use only natural water-based pigments and certified by Gots. By avoiding white printing and the necessary pre-etching treatments, we ensure a soft hand to our garments and accessories. On dark fabrics the printed graphics will not be in contrast.

Select a Modello

Technical Data

Outside face: 100% Cotton
Inside face: 100% Hemp
Laces: 95% Cotone 5% Elastane
Internal pocket with possibility to insert a membrane.
All cotton fabrics have been treated with antimicrobial finishing and tested according to ISO 20743 standards.

Not a mask and NWA sold by Produce Sinapsi Srl:
DON'T display CE markings
ARE NOT Mdical Devices or Individual Protection Devices
DON'T guarantee in any way the protection of the respiratory tract of whom wears them
ARE NOT in any way usable as Individual Protection Displays if required in the working environment, but can be used, for the record, to cover nose and mouth in the community.
DON'T damage or determine ulterior risks to the wearer according to the product's description
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