Materials and Yarns

Noble raw materials and superior quality yarns

Produce Sinapsi's core revolves around certified and controlled raw materials, which guarantee top quality yarns.
The Cottons are processed it their purest or combined to Silks and Whools in neverendig explorative potentials.
Liberian Fibers, Hemps and Nettles are some of the most ecological and performant products available on the market. Presented at their purest or mixed with other fibers, they create new touchs and appearences, other than extremely durable and strong products.
The controls to which materials and processes are submitted allow the products to mantain Italian traditions and adapt to innovative processes.


Considered one of the most fine fabric for its softness, shine and pleasing to touch, silk lends itself to infinite and creative possibilities.
These are the titles and quality that we use for our products:
Silky 2/120 in 100% Mulberry
Wild 2/120 in 100% Wild Silk
Silky 2/200 in 100% Mulberry Silk


The most used natural fiber for clothing guarantees freshness and softness in wearing it.
Wisi 2/56 in 100% Cotone Sea Island
Time 70/2 in 100% Cotone Supima
Twice 120/2 in 100% Cotone Supima


Boiled hemp
Raw Hemp, macerated and spun. An alive yarn which will continue to change, usage after usage, wash after wash.
Whotened Hemp with 1/8 of white.

Manila Hemp

From hemp to paper, from paper toyarn, from yarn to fabric. An ancient and totally erganic product, recently in experimental phase.


Jaipur 2/120.000nm, 70% Cashmere and 30% Seta: produced by the best Italian Cashmere spin.
One of the most appreciated high-range yarns in the in the luxury knitwear.


We recently switched our classical polimerical matrix elastormers with new and biodegradable ones to guarantee quality and sustainability.
Eco stretch sustainable and GRS (Global Reclycling Standard) certified elastomers.

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