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Chapter 1 – La Methode: future with roots in the past

It all starts with Produce Synapses. A knitted fabric manufacturer born out of Bruno’s passion for the production and marketing of exclusive jersey articles with a strong male vocation.
With the project, La Methode offers a collection of essential, creative and ecological finished garments made of natural and directly recycled fibres. High-quality products, use of the best raw materials, a professional team and a supply chain of excellent, certified, Italian companies are the foundations of La Methode.

On-demand on platform
Delivery of a safe product to the customer avoiding stocks and overproduction. From take-make-dispose to reduce-reuse-recycle.

La Methode products already represent a viable route to a leisure wear clothing qualitative and health
We make garments by valorising the supply chain and in the transformation chain, no costs for stock and unsold items.
Recognisable, genderless and handcrafted garments (garments to customer specifications will be developed in the near future).

Cap 2 – La Methode project

From our small craft workshop and thanks to a selected, short supply chain under the Made in Italy label, our Collections are born. Ethical and transparent founds its strength on a consolidated know-how that accompanies the garment throughout its life cycle.
Liberian fibres, such as hemp, pre-consumer recycled cottons and so-called leftover fabrics will be the raw materials for our garments: durable, simple and cared for. Furthermore, designing less energy-intensive processes, tracking and reducing environmental impacts allows us to offer a product that is respectful, conscious and avoids unnecessary overproduction.

La volontà di provare a cambiare le logiche di mercato può diventare il più forte segnale di comunicazione da parte di tutta la filiera che, da principale settore inquinante al mondo, potrebbe invece trasformarsi nel promotore di un nuovo e coerente sistema di sviluppo.

Changing the status quo
11 kg of textile waste per capita in Europe is a luxury that comes at a devastating price. Shall we change?
Durable garments
Speed and quality are neither metaphors nor synonyms. Let’s slow down: less is more.
Timeless Style
Looking far ahead is the exercise that aims at a style that is not momentary, but forward-looking.
Consider the 2030 Agenda
Designing from Latin pro jectus. Action of throwing forward. Rooted in the past and looking to the future.

Cap. 3 – Think global, act local

Traced, transparent and zero-kilometre.
All processing between spinning and delivery of the finished garment takes place between Bergamo, Varese and Biella.
Raw materials are currently sourced in non-European markets and processed into yarn in Italy.
With a La Methode-style dream. The quintessentially Italian Liberian fibre: Textile hemp.

Cap. 4 – Young power and main assets

“Over time, my aim has been to curb the extremely consumerist trend in the clothing market, as the hyper-production of garments leads to an incredible accumulation and a consequent need for disposal that is assuming uncontrollable proportions”.
Bruno Mocchi, Founder of Produce Sinapsi and La Methode

We have always refused to throw spools and fabrics, prototypes or returns, into the rubble.
Thanks to La Methode, we transform each scrap first into new raw material and later into fabric, ready for accessories and details. The brand logo was born from this.

Sharing values and ideals that drive real change is the basic component that, combined with decades of experience in the field, gives La Methode the right awareness to make a real contribution in terms of both environmental and social sustainability.

Let’s start with the first asset.
Being transparent in research, results and narratives is the tool to share value and make it affordable for everyone to make an informed choice.
La Methode’s products already represent a viable way forward for quality, healthy leisurewear that not only provides quality products but also protects excellent supply chains.
We make garments by valorising the supply chain and in the transformation chain, no costs for stock and unsold items.
The quality of the raw materials combined with a local, traceable supply chain makes beautiful, long-lasting garments.
Recognisable, genderless and handcrafted garments that are guaranteed for 10 years, with full support from sale, repair and up to end of life.

Produce Sinapsi, thanks to its 20-year presence in the field of top-quality jersey knitted fabrics, supports and sustains the La Methode project by providing all the energy and research necessary to propose responsible and conscious products.

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