Twister Produce Sinapsi
Published at 27-03-2020
Fabulous seventies

Produce Sinapsi is very proud to share some beautiful pictures and article published on Tess Magazine of March 2020, an insert of the newspaper "La Provincia" of Como.

The second and prestigious collaboration with Centro Studi Casnati is a Capsule Collection: " Fabulous Seventies ": sophisticated and contemporary, where students of Art School interpreted our fabrics and imagined a glamorous, sophisticated and elegant woman.

We've proposed and provided the young creatives of the Fashion Course with a selection of fine and eco-sustainable fabrics, key topics of #Produce Sinapsi fabrics, and we've seen them ebhanced in precious modern outfits: coerent, comfortable and robust.

Thanks again to everyone: students and professors.

In this particular moment of global difficulty we feel stronger and more proactive about cooperation with young students, who represent for us the Future: a better Future.


Twister Produce Sinapsi
Published at 26-03-2020

Produce Sinapsi in compliance with D.P.C.M. of  March 20, 2020 closed operational departments until April 3, 2020 to deal with the emergency COVID-19.

We keep on working in Smart Working from our residences, trying to answer in the best way of our customer's requests.

At the moment all our staff and their family are in good health and comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Health.

Wishing health to everybody we remember the importance of " stay at home".


Twister Produce Sinapsi
Published at 25-03-2020
La Provincia

We strongly believe in The Youngers and in their freedom.

A protest message: figurative and artistic.

Removing chems in fabrics dyeing and finding new forms of graphic representation is the challenge that launched the project:

Color your Life.

The collaboration with the young creatives of the Centro Studi Casnati has fired a spark in what can be considered our goal; a future made by steps forward that respect our traditions and our environment.

Will you be with us?

Twister Produce Sinapsi
Published at 29-01-2020
PV 2020 banner

Since the creation of its first clothing-fabrics show in 1973, the French group Première Vision has, over the past 40 years, become the leading international show organizer for the upstream fashion and textile sector. Première Vision is a group of shows designed for fashion professionals, all meeting the same high standard of quality and creativity in terms of their offer and services. Today, Première Vision represents 22 shows a year in 3 countries, gathering each year some 6,000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 visitors: designers and buyers for brands, mid/high-end and luxury accessory and fashion designers and brands, and heads of fashion companies. On each show, an exclusive fashion information created by a dedicated fashion team, provides key seasonal directions and inspiration.

Twister Produce Sinapsi
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