We are on View Textile Magazine

Our quality oriented work is selected to endorse this historical RESET on the triptych of "our footprint" proposed by View Textile.

As clearly described in the article "WHAT HAS CHANGED?" with which D. Shah opens the n. 131 of View we find ourselves, as people and as a company, within a profound reflection of values ​​and -obviously- business.

In total sharing of the uncertainty and of the issues dealt with, we propose our point of view and the interpretation with some articles of what the contingent contemporaneity represents.

Fundamentals, Indoor, Rewild, Ignite, Tech, Loungers and rule breaker are some of the categories which our fabrics are shown.

In this rethinking of our lives, headed by a reductive mindset, we are contributing in elimination of waste for pairing back to essential beauty.

The materials in their naturalness reveal themselves to be honest, as well as our unique precious and pure resources which -as we will reveal soon- do not stop only at the creation of iconic fabrics.

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