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The new variants developed by our team debut debut in a category in some ways new to Produce Sinapsi, the womenswear.

The new graphics interact between nature and design.
The graphic signs are geometric but the reference is in mimesis with nature.

An immersion in deep, passionate and fluorescent colors.
Themes, trends and recurrences characterize the latest selected articles.

During this transitional period is there still time to breathe ?

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n.3 Time JK 20-002 var. 542-073
Fabric n.5 Time JK 20-007 var.115-058
Fabric n.9 Time JK 20-002 var. 894-058
Fabric n.11Time Flee GR TFvar. 073-541

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Fabric n.3 Time JK 20-005 var. 542-529
Fabric n.5 Time 28-20 Fil a fil, var. 542

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Fabric n.8 Premium Trudel, var. Fluo Pink and Fluo Orange

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Fabric 2 Fleece 308 GR TP var. lime and navy;
Fabric 2 Fleece 308 GR TP var. navy.

Premiére Vision 2023

Stand 5L36

Discover our SS24 collection and dive into new natural and pure fabrics.