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Is metaverso coming in our daily life ?
It seems so and every day we see more and more Companies, brand and other realities invest and push towards this new reality.

Textile sector is not excluded from this ferment and wonders what tomorrow will be like
. A tomorrow then not so be remote, already today it seems that the metaverse is influencing behaviors and attitudes of many users with different age groups.
For example, concerts are taking a new form in a virtual context, creating a new way of sociality and consequently a new economy.

About the fashion sector ?

It is not excluded from this multichannel. This is what we currently call it.
A new channel with constantly evolving margins is opening ; we investigate it with curiosity and trying to understand its potential.

Will the value given to appearance and to the sensory research still make sense in the coming years?
A question now to which we have no answer but that stimulates our imagination, our perspectives.

View Magazine issue n° n° 137 deals with these subjects with strength giving space to a reflection on the theme.
How will our avatar react?
Is the physical dimension destined to disappear in all sectors to leave place for a new reality?

Produce Sinapsi’s fabrics have been selected in different categories ranging from women to men.

Blue tones with a rubin red touch for the Immersive category.

Digital Human category instead shows a mix between real and digital; humor and colors, vintage and patchwork

There are references to informal shirts, with soft tones and fine fibers to conclude with printed fabrics.

Discover our fabrics selection on View Publications n. 137.

Fabric n.6 Time 28-20 col. 879
Fabric n.18 Jaipur Moon var.707755/294

Fabric n.17 Time WRK5col. 719

SHIRTING Page 161 e 177
Fabric n.13 Seto Moon, var. 13B/800
Fabric 9 Time 28-20 col. 719

Time 28-20 col.006 e over-printed

ROOTED Page 225
Time BGM
col. 888
Time 28-20 col.818
Twice Due var. 854/555

Premiére Vision 2023

Stand 5L36

Discover our SS24 collection and dive into new natural and pure fabrics.