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The triptych of “our footprint” proposed by View Textile Magazine has put in place an intense discussion about change.
As clearly described in the article “What has changed?” with which D. Saha opens the issue of this edition, we find ourselves as people and Company within a deep reflection of values and at the same time of business.

In the total sharing of the uncertainty and the topics dealt with we propose our point of view thanks to the interpretation of some fabrics that are representative of the contemporary contingent.

Our work, always oriented towards quality, has been selected to represent this historic moment of RESET and thanks to Fundamentals, Indoor, Rewild, Ignite, Tech, Loungers and Rule Breaker categories, some of our knitted fabrics are proposed.

In this rethinking of our lives guided by urgent themes, we are contributing in our own way with the enhancement of waste and the proposition of natural fibers, bringing beauty back to the essentials.

Materials in their naturalness turn out to be honest, as well as our unique, precious and pure resources.

We present our articles in the categories:

Page 61, View Textile Magazine 131
n.6, Laser Due
n.7, Cruise Incas
n.15, Laser Lok 003

Page 63, View Textile Magazine 131
n.1, Cruise Burette
n.4,Maraja Jake 008
n.6, Tj Bra

Page 77, View Textile Magazine 131
n.8, Laser TT RJ 1212

Page 103, View Textile Magazine 131
n.6,Time J Cru 060 D GR

Page 105, View Textile Magazine 131
n.3,Seto JAE 4C 015 KS

Page 117,View Textile Magazine 131
n.3, Seto JAE 4C 019 KS

Page 119, View Textile Magazine 131
n.16, Cruise Dark GR

Page 121, View Magazine 131
n.4, Strofy 64

Page 155, View Textile Magazine 131
n.6, Jaipur Due

Page 163, View Textile Magazine 131
n.2, King Kong

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