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An ethic free from time: high quality, sustainable and handcrafted fabrics

Produce Sinapsi stands out from today’s market through a counter-trend philosophy, where quality, respect for the environment and raw materials are at the centre, challenging the incessant dominant productivity. The environment and resources do not respond to these exasperating rhythms, causing a dangerous imbalance to which our company responds consciously, with responsibility and commitment.

Raw materials, craftsmanship, cutting-edge machinery and sustainability are reflected in an environmentally friendly ethic and long-lasting, superlative products..

Our values

Constant update

Produce Sinapsi has always been committed to ensuring that artisan workmanship is valorised and maintained as the true fulcrum of the entire production process. At the same time, our company is aware of the steps forward in the sector in terms of new technologies, which is why it always uses cutting-edge machinery, without replacing the indispensable contribution given by artisan experience. Modernity and tradition meet to provide the best textile product by exploiting the potential of each.


In an era of unbridled overproduction and environmental indifference, we oppose it with awareness and determination. Produce Sinapsi adopts a responsible mentality, creating fabrics on demand to avoid excessive waste of resources. Our mission is to preserve our planet by offering durable, high-quality products.

High quality

Produce Sinapsi chooses only excellent raw materials, so that, combined with expert workmanship, they can be transformed into excellent quality fabrics, resistant and suitable for every project. Quality is never compromised for modern production rates, but is always at the center of our mission.

Produce Sinapsi meets your needs

Our long-standing experience in the sector, combined with the choice of raw materials and irreplaceable ethics, allow us to guarantee much more than just quality products.

Choosing Produce Sinapsi for your projects means choosing professionalism, transparency and a reduced environmental footprint. Values ​​that enrich a fabric making it even more precious. Our company firmly believes that ethics, experience and high quality are unique values, fueled by an inexhaustible passion that distinguishes our reality.

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