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View Magazine Publication 130

View Publications con la consueta esemplare lucidità è riuscito a mettere in luce l’impegno che Produce Sinapsi sta investendo nell’evolvere le proprie risorse e possibilità.

Riportiamo un primo articolo, tratto dal numero 130, senza aggiungere altro se non un sincero ringraziamento.

Full article of View Textile Magazine n.130 of June 2020.

Produce Sinapsi is a story of renaissance. 

This is a decades old family company from Cardano al Campo in North Italy, which has always had a sense of ‘artisan workshop’ about it. Under the guidance of Bruno Mocchi, this rather unique company has a very big manifesto “to change the market’s logic starting with his own company”; to study new systems of industrialization supported by the company’s Life Cycle Assessment Analysis. 

Yes, the typical ingredients are there: experience, know-how, quality assurance, a ‘Made in Italy’ product and supply chain, personal service, sustainability, accountability, traceability, transparency and a product based on art and culture. But there’s more…

Selective yarns and alternative fibers, such as hemp and nettle as well as fine wools, silks and cotton, are used to give its knits and weaves a unique look, which is amplified by its.

Color Your Life project based on creating a ‘raw version’ of every quality by showing fabrics without or with highly reduced colour content. The company is also continuing its experiments with natural, plant-based, organic dyes centered on greens and browns.

And one important extra: Produce Sinapsi “believes in youth and its creativity unbounded by the interests of an obsolete market.
Collaborations with schools such as Liceo Artistico del Casnati di Como underpin Color Your Life and a new project, Up-Waste-Re-Waste-No-Waste-Zero-Waste where clothing and accessories are created from swarf and waste material”.

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